Note: Services are not presently being held but the messages are available here.

Sunday Mornings
"Desired Characteristics of a Dedicated Christian"
03-01-AM - Part 1
03-15-AM - Part 2
03-22-AM - Part 3
03-29-AM - Part 4

03-08-AM - "Seventeen Years Later...." -Pastor Roger Foust
04-04-AM - "Will We Let Jesus Reign Over Us?"

Sunday Evenings
"David, a Man After God's Own Heart"
03-01-PM - Part 16
03-15-PM - Part 17
03-22-PM - Part 18

03-08-PM - "Thirteen Chapters, and No Sin. (?)" -Pastor Roger Foust
03-29-PM - "Master, Carest Thou Not That We Perish?"
04-04-PM - "Four Essential Lessons to Obedience!"

Wednesday Evening Bible Study
03-25-PM - "There is a God in Heaven"
04-01-PM - "The Shepherd and the Sheepfold"


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